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Old 04-18-2012, 09:31 PM
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Default Graphing with custom collectd plugin

I wrote a plugin for collectd to report on the status of passenger. The plugin works great but I am unable to get all of my results to show up on the same graph. the metrics from passenger currently being reported are max threads, active threads, inactive threads, and items waiting on global queue. Each of these metrics currently show up in a separate graph. I've seen other collectd graph with all metrics in one view with colored lines. How do I go about getting this to happen? the code that outputs the values is below. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

puts("PUTVAL #{hostname}/#{PLUGIN_NAME}/gauge-max_allowed_connections #{start_run}:#{max}")
puts("PUTVAL #{hostname}/#{PLUGIN_NAME}/gauge-thread_count #{start_run}:#{count}")
puts("PUTVAL #{hostname}/#{PLUGIN_NAME}/gauge-threads_active #{start_run}:#{active}")
puts("PUTVAL #{hostname}/#{PLUGIN_NAME}/gauge-threads_inactive #{start_run}:#{inactive}")
puts("PUTVAL #{hostname}/#{PLUGIN_NAME}/gauge-waiting_in_queue #{start_run}:#{waiting}")
Current Graphs I would like consolidated

Into something like this
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