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Old 04-10-2012, 05:05 AM
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Default Can't launch server on Euca via RS

We have a Eucalyptus 2.0.2 cluster that is registered with our RS account and until last week we've been able to launch new servers on it without any issues. However, since last week we get the following error when we try to launch a server or an instance on our Euca cloud via the RS dashboard:
Internal Biz::RemoteExceptions::GenericException; RightScale support has been notified.

We can launch instances directly using the eucatools or hybridfox without any problems so can you please look into this to see if there is a RS issue?

We've also noticed that we can't create SSH/IP Addresses or other cloud resources using the RS dashboard, they all throw the same exception (but again doing this through hybridfox works fine).

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